Remote Incident Manager (RIM)

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Remote Incident Manager is useful in a wide array of scenarios of varying frequency. Thus, our multi-tier plan structure makes every reasonable attempt to meet you where you are. Additionally, remember that RIM is always free for the person receiving help.

Free Tier

Anyone can use RIM to assist another user for up to 30 minutes a day. These minutes do not need to be used in one sitting, and a usage meter will keep tabs on how many minutes you have on any given day. Throughout your 30 minutes, you may connect to any number of people, over any number of interactive sessions.

Consumer Plans


Passes are useful if you’re providing assistance on an as needed basis. When you pay for a pass, that pass will wait patiently for you to activate it whenever you are able. This also means that you can hold several passes in storage and use them whenever they’re needed.

Incident Pass

An incident pass will allow you to assist a single user for as long as is needed over a 24 hour period. At any point during the 24 hour period, reconnections can be made. So let’s say you start out by setting up an overnight Windows re-installation. Once that machine is able to use RIM, you can come back and configure the end user’s system as they see fit.

Day Pass

A day pass will allow you to assist several users over a 24 hour period. So if you have multiple errands to run, you’ll want one of these.

Pro Passes

These 1 week, 2 week, or 1 month passes allow you to leverage all of RIM Pro’s capabilities on a non-subscription basis.

Hourly Prepaid Packages

These packages allow you to have a designated amount of hours on your account. These hours will last for a year from the date of their initial use, or a year from the date of purchase if not used. These hours can be used for any interactive sessions, and RIM will only deduct the exact, down-to-the-minute amount of time you used. For example, if you have 5 hours and you use 12 minutes, you will have 4 hours, 48 minutes remaining. Of further note is the fact that your free daily 30 minute allotment is prioritized before your prepaid time is used. If you run out of time, be it prepaid time or your free daily allotment, you will receive a 5 minute and 1 minute warning. If you are about to run out of paid time and you refill your account before the clock runs out, your session will be uninterrupted.

Personal Unattended Access Subscriptions

These plans allow you, as AN individual controller, to configure a set number of physical machines for unattended access. These plans are scalable (up to ten targets) in order to meet your needs. Whether you’re simply looking to control your desktop from the road, or you’re the go-to tech support for a few folks in your family, these plans have you covered.
Note that the subscriptions do not concern interactive sessions, I.E. those initiated via a keyword. The incident passes and day passes described above can be used alongside a subscription to facilitate interactive sessions. If you don’t have any passes, the daily 30 minute allotment is used.

Personal Community Support Package

The personal community support package is useful if you occasionally provide technical support for tasks that run longer than the free daily allotment. This package gets you three (3) hours a day in addition to the free 30 minute daily allotment. IN short, you will get 3.5 hours per day. As with the free 30 minute daily allotment, these hours do not need to be used in one sitting and can be used across many different connections throughout the day. However these hours do not roll over, and unattended connections are not included in the base package. However, this package is available as an addon for personal unattended subscriptions. This package is only available as an annual subscription.


RIM Pro is suitable for either a single support person or trainer, or a small support team. Each pro plan allows connections to an unlimited number of targets, as well as target group configuration.

RIM Pro Base Package

This allows a single controller to control an unlimited amount of targets.


We offer upgrades to the number of controller seats and/or channels, as well as the feature set available to you.

Multi-seat and Multichannel Setups

Additional controllers and channels are available under separate additional charges added onto your base subscription. This allows you to choose whether or not you would like additional channels - simultaneous connections - equal to the number of additional controllers. Should you choose not to add additional channels, only one of your controllers may be engaged in a session at any given time.

RIM Pro Enterprise Addon

This addon brings the features of RIM Enterprise to individual support reps or small units. Features include:

  • Unattended mass deployment to Windows servers
  • Completely silent mode for pre-configured unattended target installers
  • Optional integration with your organization’s single-sign-on (SSO) system (requires an additional setup fee).

Note: Identity verification may be required for this add-on.

RIM Enterprise Public Cloud Edition

The enterprise edition offers an unlimited amount of controllers and targets, along with the features described above. The price of each plan is determined by the number of simultaneous channels that can run at any given time.

There is an additional one-time fee for setup and onboarding, irrespective of which plan you choose.

activating a subscription or pass

When you make a purchase through RIM, you will be issued an activation link. Upon clicking the link, your pass or subscription will be activated and ready for use. In the case of day/incident passes, remember that the time period for a pass only begins when you initiate a remote session using said pass.